So the BJP thinks they can capture the seat from

Recalling that the NDA had brought forward an ordinance to validate the lapsed Bill on Triple Talaq, he sought to know why the same enthusiasm was lacking in the case of Sabarimala.Venugopal also raked up the issue of the alleged fake degreeof union Minister Smriti Irani, who is contesting against Congress chief Rahul Gandhi in Amethi, and said she had given four different statements in four elections. The Centre could have intervened in the name of faith.Hitting out at Modi and the BJP, AICC General Secretary (Organisation) K C Venugopal alleged that the party had "cheated" the devotees and "are sincere to Sabarimala only when it comes to election and China Edge banding Machine manufacturers voting".

Attacking the Left government in the state, he said it could have sought time to implement the Supreme Court verdict, but did not do so.Both the state and the centre governments were hand-in-glove in making the situation worsen.Thiruvananthapuram: The opposition Congress in Kerala Sunday attacked the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Sabarimala issue, saying people would not tolerate the drama being played by the saffron party in the name of Lord Ayyappa and that the devotees have been "cheated".The senior Congress leader alleged that the Centre and the state were hand-in-glove for having worsened the Sabarimala issue.Has the Prime Minister or his minister ever uttered a single word on the issue in Parliament?," Venugopal asked.Senior leader Nana Patole has been appointed as observer in Thiruvananthapuram constituency, where the high profile candidate Shashi Tharoor is contesting for the party.

"In 2004, she says she passed BA."Four times, four statements.People will tolerate all kinds of drama, but using the name of Swami Ayyappa for election drama is beyond limits, " Venugopal said at a meet the press programme here. But they didnt. Sincere devotees were denied their right to pray.Referring to a purported video clipping of two SPG men carrying two big boxes into a car which was not part of the Prime Ministers convoy at Chitradurga in Karnataka, which had gone viral, Venugopal said the party had complained to the Election Commission.Referring to certain media reports that Tharoor had complained to AICC about local level leaders not campaigning for him in the constituency, Venugopal said "Those were just rumours.Who else is there to compete with the stature of Tharoor in Thiruvananthapuram ?," Venugopal asked.Both the governments were responsible for worsening the Sabarimala issue," Venugopal alleged. But they didnt. The whole country knows the Parliamentary intervention of Tharoor.Com.Keep yourself updated on Lok Sabha Elections 2019 with our round-the-clock coverage -- breaking news, updates, analyses etc all. Happy reading. I had sought legislative intervention to protect the rights of the believers. "So the BJP thinks they can capture the seat from us. What credibility does that candidate have ?," Venugopal asked.Those who allege that Rahul Gandhi ran away from Amethi have fielded someone with a fake degree."Why is the Prime Minister playing a drama over Sabarimala? I had brought up the matter in Parliament on January 4. They couldve have done this long ago.The Congress has officially asked in Parliament for legislative intervention on the Sabarimala matter, he said. Another one in 2014.The observers were appointed as the BJP was using all its machinery to fight this poll.Modi said his party and government will approach the Supreme Court, explaining the traditions of Sabarimala. What credibility does she have? You are giving the affidavit on your own educational qualification," Venugopal said.Com from Delhi university.Tharoor has never given any complaint.. Now, in 2019 she says she has not passed B. We decided to fight back and appointed observers," he said."The RSS/sangh parivar tried to disrupt the peace an tranquillity at the hilltop shrine.In 2009, it became B.Venugopal said the AICC decision to appoint a special observer in Thiruvananthapuram was to monitor the poll activities in the major constituencies."An ordinance would have been enough

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To a question on job creation, he said just in the formal

PM Modi was also asked about the criticism he faced when GDP growth came down.He replied that "one should never feel bad about criticism.""But sometimes criticism is almost non-existent and allegations are more.""Whatever is needed for that we have been doing and we will continue to do it," he said."If you consider only these two things (GST and demonetisation) as my governments work, it will be a big injustice to me," he said.New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday made a strong pitch for simultaneous parliament and assembly polls, as he slammed caste politics and decried the abundance of allegations in China woodworking Equipment Suppliers place of constructive criticism of his economic policy. Thats the strength of democracy. Still, it is good that the nation is discussing GDP, agricultural growth, industrial growth and (stock) market," he said. I can list so many things that Zee News will have to run my interview for the entire week," PM Modi said.PM Modi also praised his governments work, saying GST and demonetisation are not its only achievements."

"PM Modi also spoke about the dangers of caste politics, saying it has been Indias misfortune to be afflicted with this phenomenon.Instead, "from logistical view, the country always seems to be in an election mode now," he said. Everything should be analysed."After the 2014 general election, which brought Narendra Modi to power, the country has witnessed a spate of assembly elections including in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh last year."If the elections are held together the country will be free from such a big burden," he said, adding "Otherwise we are spending so much resources, money.Asked about whether he is confident of winning the 2019 elections, he said "I dont waste time thinking about elections. "One election finishes, the second starts. The good work should be praised and shortcomings should be criticised. Several more states will go to polls this year, before the next Parliament elections in 2019.On expectations of a populist budget on Feb.In a wide-ranging hour-long interview with Zee News television, PM Modi said the polls should be like festivals such as Holi -- you throw colour and even mud on that day and forget about it until the next time.Asked if he will be able to achieve his goal of simultaneous elections.

"It is not one partys, one persons agenda; for the countrys benefit everyone should work together. I have to worry about 125 crore people. Let there be a debate on it.He listed bringing unbanked people into the banking network, construction of toilets in over four lakh schools, cooking gas connections to three crore families, electrification of left-out villages, ramping up of urea supply, low-cost insurance for poor, LED bulbs to save power bills and environment as the other areas his government has focused on. 1, PM Modi said: "Whether there is budget or not, election or not, first budget or last budget, Modi has one mantra, BJP has one mantra vikas, vikas, vikas: sabka saath sabka vikas.To a question on job creation, he said just in the formal economy, 70 lakh people have enrolled in the provident fund scheme and 10 crore people have taken loans under the collateral-free Mudra Yojana, while a large number of jobs are also being created elsewhere."Having simultaneous parliament, assembly, civic and panchayat polls, once every five years and completed within a month or so, will save money, resources and manpower, given that a large section of security forces, bureaucracy and political machinery seems to be devoted for 100, 150 to 200 days every year on electioneering, he said."I am only talking about work done on the economic front. There are many others like financial inclusion, toilet construction and electrification that can be talked about for days together

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I am writing this because British newspapers are always full

The UK spends Rs 9. I was bowling when my left foot turned inwards and I fell on it, cracking my ankle. In the UK, being a civilised nation means being able to put together a state machinery that is efficient and caring and nurtures the human being — even one who is not their citizen. She asked if I had been walking around with it and I said yes. I was out of the hospital some two hours after I had hobbled in. A couple of days later the foot still looked like a balloon and I decided to see a doctor to find out what was wrong. I couldn’t wait and so went to the accident and emergency ward of a nearby hospital. She then asked if I had been given a CD of my X-ray.I felt guilty of not having to pay but I also recognise that my tax had funded the subsidised education of thousands of Indian doctors who had then migrated to the UK. The NHS is free for all citizens and, apparently, it is free for emergency and accident services also for all, including tourists.He then said I would have to be given a cast and would have to wait half an hour before it could be ready.The physician at Harley Street in London I telephoned said he could see me that afternoon but the X-ray results would only be available to him the following day. And how people are made to wait for days before they are given an appointment for things like surgery. She saw the swelling and sent me for an X-ray. Of course, we are a poor nation, but we are a poor nation that last year spent Rs 59,000 crore buying 36 fighter planes and this year is spending Rs 99,000 crore on a bullet train. It turned out to be a large plastic boot with a hard shell outside and a soft inflatable section inside that one could pump to make the foot fit snugly.

After about half an hour I was asked to see a nurse. Here the radiologist took a couple of shots and told me it was a fracture. However I dismissed it as a sprain and ignored it, assuming it would heal itself. But the care and efficiency I encountered could not have been but the product of a system that functions well.I’m writing this from Hertfordshire in England, with a fractured foot.I did not have to pay anything and the whole thing, the registration, the consultancy, the X-ray and the cast were free. After another half an hour’s wait the man (many or most of the doctors here are Indian) showed me the scan.It is unthinkable to me that in the UK citizens would allow their government to spend so foolishly on such toys, at the expense of the health of its citizens. It was a spiral fracture with the line curving across my ankle bone. The attendant registered me and asked me to wait with about a dozen other people, some of them in worse state than I was. India’s Union health budget is Rs 33,000 crore per year, which means we spend Rs 260 per citizen.5 lakh per citizen. After a few minutes a woman called my name out and asked for my shoe size. She called a wheelchair that then took me to another building to see the doctor. It is middle class Indians who dominate the media and its debates who are forcing these choices upon the crores of poor.

I am writing this because British newspapers are always full of stories about how terrible the National Health Service is.There I said I was from Bengaluru and was flying out the in the next few days.The device came with two large socks and the attendant or nurse gave me a demonstration of how to put it on with patience and concern.3 lakh crore per year on the NHS, which is about Rs 1. We think becoming a superpower means being able to fight wars and showing off Japanese technology and building great statues. I knew instantly something serious had happened.I recognise that my experience may not be the same as that other Britishers have had, and that the emergency section is probably not the best place to judge a government run health service. I said I had not and she walked with me back to the first building and Furniture production equipment manufacturers had the CD burnt. I said it was 11 and she went off to fetch the cast. I think that is very civilised. She then told me how to exit the building after the CD came, which took another five minutes

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During May, there was "softer expansions

On price rise, the survey said that the rate of inflation softened to the slowest in eight months."The upturn in the Indian manufacturing sector took a step back in May, with softer demand causing slower expansions in output and the amount of new work received by firms," said Pollyanna De Lima, Economist at IHS Markit and author of the report, adding that there was also a renewed decline in new export orders. Incoming new work rose at the weakest pace since February, with slowdowns evident in the consumer and intermediate goods categories, while capital goods producers recorded a contraction in order books.The Indian manufacturing sector, however, stayed in expansion mode for the fifth consecutive month in May.5 in April to a three-month low of 51.25 per cent, but increased reverse repo rate to 6 per cent from 5.During May, there was "softer expansions" in both new orders and production.With regards to future performance, goods producers were the most optimistic in last next six months, with firms expecting new product launches, machinery acquisitions and marketing campaigns to support output growth in the year ahead.

A reading above 50 indicates expansion, while any score below the mark means contraction.The Reserve Bank in its monetary policy review meet on April 6 kept the repurchase or repo rate -- at which it lends to banks -- unchanged at 6.Meanwhile, muted inflationary pressure may prompt the Reserve Bank to adopt an accommodative policy stance, the survey said."With inflation under control and manufacturing growth below par, we may see the RBI changing neutral monetary policy stance Woodworking Drilling Equipment Manufacturers to accommodative in coming months in order to support the economy," Lima said.The Nikkei Markit India Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) -- an indicator of manufacturing activity -- declined from 52

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Mr Lai wrote in a note titled What would

Even if the proposed tariff rate is watered down to 15 per cent, Mr Lai estimates that the resulting loss of GDP for China would be 1. "A loss of GDP or a slowdown in GDP growth of this scale would be staggering. Quoting Kevin Lai, the Hong Kong-based chief economist for Asia (excluding Japan) at Daiwa Capital Markets, a Bloomberg report said Mr Trump’s suggestion for a 45 per cent tariff on Chinese goods to narrow the trade deficit with America would spark an 87 per cent decline in China’s exports to the US, a decline of $420 billion. Mr Lai claimed the tariffs are likely to be placed on a wide range of goods from machinery and tools to toys and home appliances.That would, over time and factoring in multiplier effects, mean a 4.

China would find itself losing to many other developing economies that were not being targeted by Trump.82 per cent blow to China’s gross domestic product, or in absolute numbers about a half a trillion dollars’ worth. It doesn’t even take into account an estimated $426 billion in foreign direct investment repatriation if companies started to withdraw. Eventually, Mr Trump and his administration may actually compromise with a watered-down version of tariffs, " Mr Lai wrote in a note titled What would a Trump presidency mean for China.Arguing that China has deliberately undervalued its currency by as much as 40 per cent to provide competitive advantage to its exporters at the expense of American manufactures, Mr Trump had vowed to reclaim millions of American jobs and revive American manufacturing by putting an end to China’s illegal export subsidies and lax labour and environmental standards.

"These tariffs would certainly be detrimental for China, as they would for multinational companies operating in China." The proposal could also spell trouble for China on its balance of payment front that could widen China Panel Sawing Machine Factory the capital account deficit and put downward pressure on the Yuan.8 per cent.Chinese exports to the United States could suffer a massive setback of $420 billion if the Republican Party’s nominee Donald Trump emerges victorious in the US Presidential election. These companies would probably have to make plans to relocate to other countries

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