To a question on job creation, he said just in the formal

PM Modi was also asked about the criticism he faced when GDP growth came down.He replied that "one should never feel bad about criticism.""But sometimes criticism is almost non-existent and allegations are more.""Whatever is needed for that we have been doing and we will continue to do it," he said."If you consider only these two things (GST and demonetisation) as my governments work, it will be a big injustice to me," he said.New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday made a strong pitch for simultaneous parliament and assembly polls, as he slammed caste politics and decried the abundance of allegations in China woodworking Equipment Suppliers place of constructive criticism of his economic policy. Thats the strength of democracy. Still, it is good that the nation is discussing GDP, agricultural growth, industrial growth and (stock) market," he said. I can list so many things that Zee News will have to run my interview for the entire week," PM Modi said.PM Modi also praised his governments work, saying GST and demonetisation are not its only achievements."

"PM Modi also spoke about the dangers of caste politics, saying it has been Indias misfortune to be afflicted with this phenomenon.Instead, "from logistical view, the country always seems to be in an election mode now," he said. Everything should be analysed."After the 2014 general election, which brought Narendra Modi to power, the country has witnessed a spate of assembly elections including in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh last year."If the elections are held together the country will be free from such a big burden," he said, adding "Otherwise we are spending so much resources, money.Asked about whether he is confident of winning the 2019 elections, he said "I dont waste time thinking about elections. "One election finishes, the second starts. The good work should be praised and shortcomings should be criticised. Several more states will go to polls this year, before the next Parliament elections in 2019.On expectations of a populist budget on Feb.In a wide-ranging hour-long interview with Zee News television, PM Modi said the polls should be like festivals such as Holi -- you throw colour and even mud on that day and forget about it until the next time.Asked if he will be able to achieve his goal of simultaneous elections.

"It is not one partys, one persons agenda; for the countrys benefit everyone should work together. I have to worry about 125 crore people. Let there be a debate on it.He listed bringing unbanked people into the banking network, construction of toilets in over four lakh schools, cooking gas connections to three crore families, electrification of left-out villages, ramping up of urea supply, low-cost insurance for poor, LED bulbs to save power bills and environment as the other areas his government has focused on. 1, PM Modi said: "Whether there is budget or not, election or not, first budget or last budget, Modi has one mantra, BJP has one mantra vikas, vikas, vikas: sabka saath sabka vikas.To a question on job creation, he said just in the formal economy, 70 lakh people have enrolled in the provident fund scheme and 10 crore people have taken loans under the collateral-free Mudra Yojana, while a large number of jobs are also being created elsewhere."Having simultaneous parliament, assembly, civic and panchayat polls, once every five years and completed within a month or so, will save money, resources and manpower, given that a large section of security forces, bureaucracy and political machinery seems to be devoted for 100, 150 to 200 days every year on electioneering, he said."I am only talking about work done on the economic front. There are many others like financial inclusion, toilet construction and electrification that can be talked about for days together

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